Why Am I So Darn Cranky?

And people wonder why I’m so darn cranky. Seriously, x-ray technicians asked me to do a back bend to take a pic. Talk about painful. I can be cranky if I want to. Ha!

The thing is, there might be more to come. More “what” you may ask? Pain. Needless to say that my back is FUBAR! It is what it is. Some of my best agile years are behind me but it doesn’t mean that a good agile future is out of the question. In due time I’ll be back to my normal self but with some minor physical limitations but in the meantime I will have to endure pain on my road to recovery.

Currently I am combating a whole slew of mind blowing emotions that more than likely come with back ailments, surgeries and recovery. Unless you have gone through some generally intense back issues like myself, chances are that you don’t quite understand the day-to-day issues and routines that mess with you both mentally and spiritually. It’s not a fun roller coaster for me and for those close to me.

A great big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who has put up with me and who have endured this journey. Most importantly, to those who continue to care for me and continue to provide the best care for me (my beautiful wife and kids), “I love you all!” You’ve made my world an easier one to live in while I’ve probably made yours a difficult one to endure.

-E. Miguel


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