I Survived Twenty-Twelve

Let me just say that the year 2012 was by far one of the worst years I have ever lived through. It could have been worse and it could have been way better but it didn’t turn out that way.

Among the many things that kept me down were my ongoing health issues. I had a series of lower back procedures and surgeries with the last surgery being performed during the first part of December. Merry Christmas, right?

I can’t complain because I feel that each surgery I have gets me just a few more steps to getting better, walking better, sleeping better and overall living better.

The ongoing pain are is somewhat held at bay by the long list of meds that I take from opiates to nerve meds to anti-inflammatory to sleep aids to “you name it.”

With all of the above said, 2012 has been a failure for me to continue grow and develop my writing. I was doing rather well up until June and that’s when I hit the proverbial wall. So many projects “works in progress” are in my hopper that either need to be finished, edited, refreshed and what not.

I will make 2013 the year I get some of these “works in progress” finished and maybe even published. I’m pretty sure I can get some of my works published this year and even get a script looked at and sold. Man, oh man would that be fantastic.

2012, you are behind me. 2013, you are ahead of me. Self, make it happen. The worst has been left behind. Clear your mind, set your goals and go for it.

…and GO!!!

-E. Miguel


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